Chattering Starling - About us

About us

What is Chattering Starling?

Chattering Starling is a social project by Breen Services. We collect social media data and process that to useful information like lists and charts.

Have you been mentioned on Twitter?

Congratulations! This probably means you are a top-mentioner of an account we are following. If we tweeted you, we just wanted your attention so you could see yourself in the list. These tweets are sent by people, not bots.

Do you want us to follow your account?

You could try to apply a request for your account. If we decide to follow your account, we will contact you with your public account URL.

What accounts do we follow?

Mostly, we follow accounts with a big amount of followers, but there are some exceptions. Also, your Twitter account must be public. Otherwise we can't get data from it.